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International Corridor: Navigating Soft Skills, Inclusion and Language Barriers to BELONG. 

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Unlocking Boundless Potential: Embrace Inclusion, Master Soft Skills, and Conquer Language Barriers.

Professional Learning & Development with Sonya Allen 


Meet Sonya

Certified Vocational Adult Trainer | Facilitator, Soft Skill Specialist, Directing Learning and Development, & DEI Belonging  Strategist.

Empowering through Essential Skills! In today's swiftly changing landscape, essential skills stand as the bridge to success. Empathy, cultural competence, teamwork, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, continuous learning, and learning a second language proficiency are the cornerstones of remarkable achievement. I grasp the profound impact of these skills on superior service outcomes and organizational prowess.

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What I Specialize In...

Harmonizing Belonging & Essential Skills

Soft Skills 

Belonging, DEI

ESL Training

Learning & Development

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