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Speaking English: Navigating Global Perspectives with Ease and Empathy.

Acquiring proficiency in Business English to work within an international context can unlock a myriad of fresh possibilities. Whether your aspirations involve pursuing education or employment overseas, I assist you in mastering corporate American English within a structured program that alleviates miscommunication, builds your confidence, and allows you to be effective, and efficient in your day-to-day language goals.

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Navigating the journey of learning a second language as an adult involves not just linguistic challenges but also emotional nuances. Drawing on my personal experiences studying French in three diverse language schools for adults—a program catering to developed countries and citizens, another dedicated to immigrants and refugees, and a fully immersive one requiring 40 hours per week—I understand the profound emotional impact of language acquisition.

As a certified TEFL trainer, with over 10 years facilitating and training experience, I leverage these insights to craft customized programs for language trainers, facilitating success in various course contexts. 

Offering tailored solutions, my skills extend to corporate language courses, addressing the unique needs of busy professionals. Whether it's individual lessons for senior executives, group courses on campus, or intensive private lessons for employees relocating abroad, I provide personalized packages and plans to suit you and your business, including Private Corporate Training, Group Corporate Language Training, and Total Immersion Business Communications.

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