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In the labyrinthine streets of a country, that remains nameless to shield it from the divisive gaze of judgment, I found myself thrust into an extraordinary narrative of human connection that transcended borders and shattered assumptions. This is not merely a tale of travel but a testament to the trans-formative power of encountering the unfamiliar.

The setting was a less-developed realm, once obscured from the global tourist map, where the norm for its citizens was the familiar influx of European travelers. Late into the evening of my arrival, the routine unfolded – airport, transportation, hotel, and the solace of sleep. As dawn broke, the anticipation of exploring the towns, indulging in a bit of shopping, and absorbing the essence of this foreign land filled the air.

Yet, from the moment I stepped onto the bustling streets, it became evident that my presence was an anomaly, a departure from the norm. Eyes followed me, gazes lingering from left to right, right to left – a silent acknowledgment of the unusual. Even my travel companion, not sharing my African-American identity, could affirm the conspicuous attention.

As I traversed the vibrant streets, a surreal sense of being under scrutiny settled in. Shop owners and vendors paused in their activities to watch, their actions momentarily arrested by my presence. Undeterred, I offered greetings, extending the common courtesies that transcend language barriers. The stares, however, grew more intense, penetrating beyond the surface.

The turning point occurred when I found myself trailed by a curious swarm of children, their ages ranging from tender innocence to adolescent curiosity. Their fascination was palpable, and their questions spilled forth, accompanied by a desire to touch my hair and skin. A store offered refuge, its owner intervening to shield me from the unintentional spectacle unfolding outside.

It was there, within the confines of that shelter, that the truth unraveled. Apologetically, the store owner disclosed the source of the spectacle, "You are a black woman. We are unaccustomed to seeing someone like you here." The simplicity of that statement resonated with profound implications. I was not threatened, only perplexed.

Upon my return, when recounting this extraordinary encounter, the inevitable question arose – how did I handle it? The answer was found in creating conversations, and in sharing the intricacies of my identity and origin. The ensuing dialogue revealed the universal attributes that bind us all, emphasizing the imperative to continue traversing the globe with open eyes and hearts.

This narrative transcends the superficial lens through which we often view the world, unraveling the layers of assumptions and unveiling the shared humanity that unites us. It serves as a poignant reminder that our perceptions are shaped by the stories we tell, and only through genuine connection can we dismantle the barriers that divide us.

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