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"I was so fortunate to work with Sonya for a year during one of the most challenging times of my life, where I had to change almost everything. From restructuring my business, dealing with a very confusing and challenging relationship, to finding myself alone during the lockdown in a foreign country and some personal challenges the year of 2020 brought up to me.  

I had worked with other people in the past but where it came so naturally with Sonya is that while I had no specific goals, the whole process of working together had a natural flow with her. She never rushed me to create something or achieve anything in particular but the results were always leading in the same direction. I was gaining more clarity of where I stood in life in every aspect so I could take the next chapter of my life with clarity of who I was as an adult woman. 

Sonya is very wise, and for someone like me that is highly independent, with strong opinions, and is not used to asking for advice or permission, I deeply rely on Sonya’s wisdom. She can dig into the layers of how humans think, react, and our nature with kindness and compassion regardless what the situation you are facing or how bad you may be handling it. Her understanding, guidance, and challenging me to answer the right questions allowed me to act authentically and be truthful to myself while becoming a better person. This was always the end result, I felt I was becoming a better person.

She does not address life issues as a trend, neither with the same practices and tactics that most people in the ‘helping people’ business do. She is just naturally and authentically a human partner, that stands by your side when you need the most wisdom and understanding.

I know I can say anything to Sonya and trust I will come out of the conversation stronger, with clarity, and be able to be more authentic to myself and others. There has not even been one conversation where I felt we didn’t address my concern or was misunderstood or misguided. And this is something I have felt when I hired life coaches in the past. And I know plenty of life coaches because of my work. Still, I always felt the majority treated me like the latest best-seller book techniques, with mumbo-jumbo trends, but with Sonya on every single call her wisdom and guidance were spot on. Not even once felt she didn’t get me. 

I was going through a lot of changes, some adult growing pains, and I can’t say there would not have been anybody better than Sonya to help me deal with those. I know now as I embark on a new direction and chapter of my life, I trust that I am stronger and in a better position to handle new challenges because of the work I did with Sonya. I am truly grateful to have met her. “

Lizet Zayas
Entrepreneur, founder of Successfuly.

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