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Embracing Uncertainty, Forging Connections: A Journey Beyond Borders

The Odyssey Begins:

Two decades ago, I embarked on a journey that began with an insatiable love for the world's cultures. At the time, little did I know that this passion would evolve into a lifework dedicated to the wellbeing and thriving of expatriates worldwide. The path, though chosen, was fraught with uncertainty. There was no blueprint, no safety net—only a fierce determination to embrace the unknown.


From Fear to Fortitude:

Leaving behind the familiar, I faced a maelstrom of emotions—fear, doubt, and a profound sense of isolation. The world, though stunning, seemed vast and formidable. But it was precisely this crucible of uncertainty that forged resilience, turning trepidation into tenacity. With each passing day, I found courage in the unfamiliar, and strength in the challenges.


Creating a New Canvas:

Stripped of the comfort of home, I began anew. It was a canvas awaiting strokes of purpose and meaning. Friends became family, and cultures became classrooms. Through perseverance and open-heartedness, I navigated the complexities of international living, learning, and eventually thriving. The journey was transformative, birthing an unwavering commitment to service and well-being.


Championing Wellbeing, Fostering Inclusion:

Today, armed with a wealth of experience, I stand ready to guide others on their odyssey. With a foundation rooted in wellness, diversity, and inclusion, I offer a unique perspective born of personal trials and triumphs. From those initial uncertain steps to this moment of connection, my story is a testament to the boundless potential that lies within us all.

Join me in a celebration of resilience, diversity, and the endless possibilities that arise when we embrace the world with open arms. Together, we'll craft a tapestry of well-being that spans borders and transcends boundaries.






International Companies Established



4 Continents

1000+ Multinationals satisfied employees, customers & clients


Global social impact projects completed

Bridging Cultures, Building Connections 

With a career dedicated to international expansion, multicultural relationships, and global business development, Sonya Allen is a seasoned leader in the dynamic management and stewardship of SMEs. She brings a wealth of knowledge in structuring daily operations, leading cross-functional teams, and driving organizational and operational strategies.

In 2011, Sonya spearheaded the launch of Color Me Culture Lifestyle, a Trade Partnerships and cross-cultural Engagement company focused on global tourism. Her innovative approach earned her the prestigious IFTM Top Resa 2018 award for best promotional marketing design.

At Color Me Culture, Sonya established the Global Center for Cultural Connections, International Exchange, and Professional Development Training Center. Through creative programs, alternative adult vocational learning, and sustainable artisan sourcing, the center stood as a beacon for fostering cultural understanding and professional growth.

From 2008 to 2011, Sonya served as the Executive Director/CEO of the foreign-based International Professional Development Training Center, S.A.E.L Institute. Her expertise in global skill-building experiences and C-Suite Executive training has left an indelible mark on the corporate training landscape.

Before her work in corporate training, Sonya held pivotal leadership roles at Caravan Express Publications. Her tenure spanned over 11 years, during which she reported directly to the Boards of Directors of esteemed publications like the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times Mirror.

Sonya's global footprint encompasses four continents, including North America, Europe, Africa, and South East Asia. Her partner-attraction strategy led to a remarkable 90% increase in interest and a 28% rise in closed deals within a year, showcasing her depth across corporate, nonprofit, and private industries.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sonya is deeply committed to volunteering for causes she holds dear. As a Country Coordinator in Human Rights for the United Nations Online Program, an Audiobook Recorder for the English Language Library for the Blind, a Facilitator with the Pachamama Alliance Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, and an English Second Language Instructor for the Jane Goodall Institute, her impact extends far beyond the boardroom.

Sonya's educational journey includes Business Administration and Psychology studies at Santa Monica College, French language certification from Alliance Francaise, France, ESL certification from the American University of Paris, Relocation mobility certification, and Human Resources Generalist certification.

Image by Ash Hayes
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Purpose | Mission

 To give a cultural face to building creative inclusive & belonging opportunities that also facilitates a safe place for people to travel their path, & have equal access to opportunities. In the garden of my purpose, every bloom is cherished, and every shade of color finds its place. It is here, amidst the imperfect beauty, that the essence of true harmony resides. I craft spaces where cultures intertwine and souls find their belonging. This alchemy, this fusion of worlds, is the essence of my expertise—a tapestry woven with threads of experience, compassion, and wisdom.

25+ years of

Exclusive Designs-GLOWING GLOBALLY

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